Rashid Sumaila wins Benchley Ocean Award for Excellence in Science

UBC Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries professor Rashid Sumaila has won a prestigious Peter Benchley Ocean Award, in recognition for his work on sustainable fisheries around the world.

Often referred to as the “Academy Awards for the ocean,” the Peter Benchley Ocean Awards are the world’s preeminent ocean awards. They are unique in acknowledging outstanding achievement across many sectors of society leading to the protection of oceans, coasts and the communities that depend on them. To date, Benchley Award winners have included five Heads of State, U.S. Secretaries of State and Defense, senators, marine scientists, journalists, explorers, youth leaders, and citizen activist

Dr. Sumaila is the recipient in the 2017 “Excellence in Science” category, which is given to an individual who “has advanced the cause of understanding ocean processes, marine ecology and conservation biology.”

Dr. Sumaila will receive his award at a gala ceremony being held on May 11th in Washington, D.C.

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