30-Second Bio: Ted Sandstra

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Name: Ted Sandstra

Title: Project Manager

Department/Unit: Project Services

Location: Okanagan

Year I started working at UBC: 2015

10 words or less to describe what I do at UBC: I support teaching and research through building renovations.

The best thing about my work/role at UBC: I appreciate the leadership within my department. It is also my pleasure to assist the UBCO community to transform campus buildings according to our clients’ needs.

My favourite place to spend my lunch hour: Running on the trails behind campus or in a fitness class.

My top UBC tip for my colleagues, or for someone beginning their UBC journey: Our office deals with many stakeholders across schools, units, and departments within the university. Reviewing organizational charts helped me to understand how my role fits in. The faster you can get a grasp on your individual contribution within the larger picture, the more effectively you will be able to perform your task and the greater your success. It is obvious but bears repeating.

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