30-Second Bio: Joseph Ferguson

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Name: Joseph Ferguson

Title: Financial Analyst

Department/Unit: Finance

Location: Okanagan

Year I started working at UBC: 2009

10 words or less to describe what I do at UBC: I provide information and evidence to support informed decision-making.

The best thing about my work/role at UBC: My role affords me the opportunity to work with individuals from across the entire organization and UBC system. I provide information and analysis about our students, faculty, staff, and other institutional measures to support informed decision-making. These relationships are, without question, the best thing about my role. I also get to work with my alma mater (BMgt, Hons. 2009)!

My favourite place to spend my lunch hour: If I'm not shredding at spin and sculpt class, chances are you'll find me outside basking in the heat (if it's summer).

My top UBC tip for my colleagues, or for someone beginning their UBC journey: Take advantage of opportunities to connect with your colleagues. It can be easy to stick to what you know and the people you always work with, but the best connections are the ones that you might make with people you wouldn't necessarily work with!

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