30-Second Bio: Tania Willard

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Name: Tania Willard

Title: Assistant Professor

Department/Unit: Visual Arts

Location: Kelowna

Year I started working at UBC: 2019

10 words or less to describe what I do at UBC: Learning, Growing, Challenging, Focusing, Decolonizing, Collaborating.

The best thing about my work/role at UBC: I love the idea of building on knowledge over generations, and the shift of seeing diverse knowledge and Indigenous knowledge challenge us all to enrich learning and work and think differently.

My favourite place to spend my lunch hour: I plan to attend the Aboriginal luncheon on campus. I also like to hide away with a bowl of soup in my closet office. In summer there are lots of great spaces around campus to relax on the grass or native plant areas.

My top UBC tip for my colleagues, or for someone beginning their UBC journey: I am still collecting tips! ...but I do wear a T-shirt that says 'Decolonize Your Syllabus' by Yvette deChavez.