30-Second Bio: Priya Bala-Miller

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Name: Priya Bala-Miller

Title: Director - Partnerships & Program Development

Department/Unit: CIRDI - School of Public Policy and Global Affairs

Location: Vancouver

Year I started working at UBC: 2017

10 words or less to describe what I do at UBC: Advance sustainable natural resource governance through trans-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder, global partnerships.

The best thing about my work/role at UBC: I feel deeply connected and committed to UBC's values around sustainability and global citizenship. My role leverages UBC-grown knowledge to realize a future where people & planet are at the heart of resource development. Having 3 degrees from UBC, I love having a personal 20-year historical perspective on UBC's evolution inform my view of what the social role of UBC will be in the next 100 years!

My favourite place to spend my lunch hour: Nitobe Garden

My top UBC tip for my colleagues, or for someone beginning their UBC journey: 1. Stay open and curious. UBC's best treasures - social trust or uncomfortable truths that spark radical ideas emerge in everyday interactions within the UBC community. Link to community in a way you are most comfortable, options are endless.
3. Connect to purpose. Reflect on how your personal values link to UBC's values. This can help avoid that feeling of being a cog in a vast UBC machine.