30-Second Bio: Lorraine Beckett

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Name: Lorraine Beckett

Title: Clerk 3

Department/Unit: Building Operations

Location: University Services Building

Year I started working at UBC: 1994

10 words or less to describe what I do at UBC: My work helps others do their work

The best thing about my work/role at UBC: Being part of a very large group of hardworking people whose role is Stewardship of the campus.

My favourite place to spend my lunch hour: At my desk looking out at West Mall, watching the students and little ones from the daycare in our building walk up and down West Mall.

My top UBC tip for my colleagues, or for someone beginning their UBC journey: Enjoy working on this beautiful campus at the edge of a peninsula surrounded by water and trees. Never take for granted that this is a beautiful place to work, great and diverse people. Laugh alot, you will need a sense of humour