Exciting changes to UBC Today

Have you heard the news? UBC Today is evolving into a new online web portal for faculty and staff.

Launching mid-August, the new site will contain all your regular updates, announcements and stories about UBC’s faculty and staff community, and a resource library, that you can search or browse. You will also start receiving a weekly email update, every Tuesday, highlighting a selection of what’s new each week.

“We are excited to be able to create something that can support our faculty and staff community,” said Kate Hunter, Director, Internal Communications.

“Given the events of recent months, we also feel it’s important to create tools such as this to help people feel more connected. We know that faculty and staff have different needs, and the site will allow a ‘filter’ function for the first time.”

The new UBC Today website has been developed after months of extensive research, including engagement with more than 800 faculty and staff in both Vancouver and the Okanagan. Recognizing that many people feel overwhelmed by the volume of news and updates, the intention is to create single ‘go to’ website for faculty and staff – with the ability to filter certain content according to preference.

Look out for further updates in the next edition of UBC Today.