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UBC-V: Get tickets to UBC Connects with Isabel Allende

September 18, 2018 @12:32 pm

Tickets to see literary legend and social activist Isabel Allende on Nov. 20 will be available online from 10am, Sept. 27.

If you missed out on tickets to see Michio Kaku, tune into the  live stream on Sept. 26 at 6:30pm.

Update on UBC Strategic Plan implementation

September 18, 2018 @10:59 am

A message from Professor Andrew Szeri, Provost and Vice-President, Academic; Professor Gail Murphy, Vice-President, Research and Innovation; and Professor Deborah Buszard, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Principal, UBC Okanagan

We are pleased to inform you of the progress that has been made to support the implementation of UBC’s strategic plan. The plan — Shaping UBC’s Next Century — was formally launched in the spring following a thorough consultation process involving thousands of members of the UBC community.

As part of the implementation phase, we want to ensure that those voices continue to be heard. We have therefore developed a robust implementation structure and process that draws on the passion, ideas and expertise that were so evident during the consultation.

Progress over the summer includes:

  • Establishment of a Strategic Plan Implementation Advisory Committee, broadly representative of our UBC community. This was convened to provide advice on processes and priorities for implementation. We will share further details about the group and its membership on the strategic plan website later this month.
  • Calls for proposals for special Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund projects and Research Clusters were sent out in support of advancing the plan. More opportunities will be announced shortly.
  • As an initial step, we have worked with Faculties and Administrative Units on both campuses, to identify projects in support of the plan, to be funded using a portion of the Excellence funds for 2018/19. Additional opportunities for funding projects will be included in the 2019/20 campus budgeting processes. Further details will be shared in the near future. We would like to thank all those who have come forward so far with ideas.
  • Both the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses will host forums, to help generate ideas and enable campus leaders to seek advice and counsel related to the core areas of the plan: People and Places, Research Excellence, Transformative Learning and Local & Global Engagement.
  • The UBC Executive has established a Strategic Plan Coordinating Committee, co-chaired by Andrew Szeri and Gail Murphy. Other members of this group include Philip Steenkamp, Vice-President, External Relations; Barbara Meens Thistle, Vice-President, Human Resources; Ben Pollard, Director, Strategic Plan Implementation Office; David Shorthouse, Executive Director, Academic Initiatives; Julie Wagemakers, Executive Director, President’s Office; and Nicole Udzenija, Director, Campus Initiatives, UBC Okanagan.

In addition to the progress detailed above, we are enhancing the strategic plan website. Updates will be made later this month, to include information about the implementation process; proposal submission and review process; priority setting and review of proposals; upcoming budget planning for 2019/20; progress updates; and open calls for funding applications.

Thank you once again to all those who have submitted proposals in support of the plan. These proposals will be reviewed by the Executive Team, who will in turn make recommendations to the President. If you have questions, please email strategic.plan@ubc.ca.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the plan’s development. We appreciate your patience during this start-up implementation phase, as we continue to work towards more open and inclusive communication regarding the overall process, roles and timelines. We hope you will continue with us on this journey, as we bring the plan to life and see the impact we can collectively make as an inclusive, collaborative and innovative university.

New from Professor Ono’s blog: Listen Up, it’s the Blue & Goldcast!

September 18, 2018 @12:30 pm

An extract from Professor Santa Ono’s latest blog post.

I’m excited to announce the birth of The Blue and Goldcast.

As you can probably guess from its name, The Blue and Goldcast is a podcast. I’ll be cohosting it every month along with Jennifer Gardy. Jennifer is an assistant professor at UBC’s School of Population and Public Health, a Canada Research Chair in Public Health Genomics, and a Senior Scientist at the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control. And she’s a talented communicator, acting as an occasional host of CBC’s The Nature of Things, and on the Discovery Channel’s The Daily Planet. She’s even cowritten a children’s book on germs and microbes.

Jennifer and I will discuss big issues in higher education, from the perspective of UBC scholars, staff, and students. Each episode will focus on a different theme, such as student diversity, international engagement, women in STEM, and other topics.

The first podcast is available today, September 17. You can listen to it here.

Read the full post.

UBC-V: Call for proposals for small TLEF innovation projects

September 14, 2018 @2:03 pm

A message from Professor Andrew Szeri, Provost and Vice-President, Academic

The Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic invites faculty, staff and students to submit proposals for small TLEF innovation projects. The deadline for proposals for both new TLEF applicants and for applicants with existing multi-year TLEF projects is 3:00pm on November 15.

Small TLEF innovation projects are grassroots projects that are intended to support experimentation with pedagogical approaches that have strong potential to enhance learning. Small TLEF innovation project teams can request up to $50,000 over the life of the project, and projects can run from one to three years. Funding for the 2nd and/or 3rd years of multi-year projects is contingent upon satisfactory progress in meeting project goals.

The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT) will offer a general TLEF information session on September 27 as well as weekly drop-in sessions for applicants who would like to receive support in preparing their TLEF proposals. Learn more about these sessions.

In addition to sharing with your team, please also share this information with students in your Faculty (where appropriate). Students may wish to submit projects of special interest to them or their peers, as well as participate in the development of proposals.

Learn more about this funding opportunity and the application process.

If you have any questions about TLEF, please email: tlef.info@ubc.ca.