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“A lot of people don’t look at having their picture taken as the highlight of their day… I try to make it feel like they’re not being photographed, that we’re just having a conversation.”

It’s possible that no one at UBC has quite as varied a work day as Paul Joseph. As official University Photographer since 2016, he’s just as likely to be snapping pictures of laughing UBC summer campers as he is to be capturing studious portraits of faculty Deans. In fact, it’s safe to say that Paul probably brushes shoulders with a greater variety of university folk than just about anyone else at UBC.


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One-on-One with Simon Bates
Simon Bates is the Associate-Provost, Teaching and Learning. Discover what Simon considers as key to the future of learning at UBC, how he maintains work-life balance, and why he's still passionate about teaching.

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