Get to Know UBC’s Senior Leadership

Find out who inspires UBC’s senior leaders, what they value most in their colleagues and what they think makes UBC different.

One-on-one with Adriaan de Jager

Meet Adriaan de Jager, Associate Vice-President, Government Relations and Community Engagement. Learn more about Adriaan, why he believes in the importance of tenacity and gratitude, why he feels that 'speaking your truth’ is integral to workplace culture, and his views on how Government Relations and Community Engagement strengthen the university’s impact locally, provincially, and nationally.

One-on-one with Meigan Aronson

Meet Meigan Aronson, Dean of Science. Learn more about Meigan, her desire to empower those around her, her sense of adventure and spontaneity, and her view on how science is helping to address society’s big challenges.

One-on-one with Ainsley Carry

Meet Ainsley Carry, Vice-President, Students. Learn more about Ainsley and the role he sees faculty and staff having in the student experience, why he hopes his colleagues will give him the benefit of doubt as he acclimatizes to life in Canada, and what he admires most about Barack Obama.

One-on-one with Peter Smailes

Meet Peter Smailes, Vice-President, Finance & Operations. Learn more about Peter, the time he circumnavigated South America solo and crewed on a sailboat from San Diego to Tahiti, and why he believes that the VPFO portfolio is a key enabler of the university's academic mission.

One-on-one with Ananya Mukherjee Reed

Dr. Ananya Mukherjee Reed is Provost and Vice-President, Academic, at UBC Okanagan. Learn more about Ananya, her appreciation for sharp and spontaneous wit, why she believes in a boldness of vision and creating a sense of possibility, and what inspired her to take on the role of Provost at UBC Okanagan.

One-on-one with Catherine Dauvergne

Catherine Dauvergne is Dean of the Peter A. Allard School of Law. A life-long legal academic, she has worked in the areas of refugee, immigration, and citizenship law over the past quarter of a century. Find out what Catherine values most in her colleagues, why swimming has become her pastime of choice, and the Peter A. Allard School of Law’s potential impact on the legal system locally and globally.

One-on-one with Susan E. Parker

Susan E. Parker joined UBC in September 2017 as University Librarian and is responsible for strategic oversight of the UBC Library system. Find out more about Susan, the time she met Barack Obama, and how she envisions the Library’s new Strategic Framework will enhance support to faculty, staff and students.

One-on-One with Robert Helsley

Robert Helsley is Dean of UBC Sauder School of Business. Find out what Robert values most in his colleagues, why the guitar is his instrument of choice, and the role that UBC Sauder plays within the university as a whole.

One-on-One with Simon Bates

Simon Bates is the Associate-Provost, Teaching and Learning. Discover what Simon considers as key to the future of learning at UBC, how he maintains work-life balance, and why he's still passionate about teaching.

One-on-One with Ian Cull

Ian Cull is the Associate Vice-President, Students, at UBC’s Okanagan campus.

One-on-One with James Olson

James Olson is the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science, and a professor of Mechanical Engineering. Learn more about James, what he values most in his colleagues, and why entrepreneurship has become a key priority for him and his Faculty.

One-on-One with Barbara Meens Thistle

Barbara Meens Thistle is UBC’s Vice-President, Human Resources. A long-time champion of equity, diversity and inclusion, she has a strong desire to help others see their potential. Find out more about Barbara, her knack for horticulture, and her vision for Human Resources at UBC.

One-on-One with Murali Chandrashekaran

Dr. Murali Chandrashekaran is UBC’s first Vice-Provost, International. Having lived and traveled widely across the globe, he is no stranger to the international scene. Find out more about Murali, where he draws inspiration, and what he sees as upcoming trends in education worldwide.

One-on-one with Mary MacDougall

Dr. Mary MacDougall is the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry. She’s also the daughter of a bricklayer-turned-engineer, who is passionate about helping people make the connection between their oral health and systemic health.

One-on-one with John Innes

Dr. John Innes is the Dean of the Faculty of Forestry. What you might not know, is that he’s also a recipient of a shared Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore, his grandmother was in the first female intake at the University of Cambridge, and he speaks a handful of languages.

One-on-one with Gail Murphy

Dr. Gail Murphy is the Vice-President, Research & Innovation (VPRI). Find out who inspires Gail, the qualities she values in her colleagues, and what she believes the role of research is at UBC

One-on-one with Rehan Sadiq

Dr. Rehan Sadiq joined UBC Okanagan in 2009 and is Associate Dean of the School of Engineering. He was named UBC Okanagan’s Researcher of the Year in 2014, and is an author of more than 400 publications in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, books, and conferences.

One-on-one with Karen Carriero

Karen Carriero (Kcee) is the Associate Vice-President, Communications. She is responsible for developing an over-arching long-term communications strategy for UBC, ensuring alignment with the university’s vision, mission and values.

One-on-one with Andrew Szeri

Professor Andrew Szeri is the Provost and Vice-President Academic for UBC Vancouver, providing leadership for the university’s academic strategy, budgetary and planning processes.

One-on-one with Stephen Lamb

Stephen Lamb joined UBC’s Office of the CIO in April 2017 as Deputy Chief Information Officer, a new role to help lead significant change across the information technology landscape of the university.

One-on-one with Karyn Magnusson

Karyn Magnusson is the Managing Director of Building Operations at UBC Vancouver. A UBC alumna, Karyn is a registered professional engineer, and spent 14 years within progressive leadership roles with the City of Vancouver’s engineering department. She joined UBC in 2014 to lead the operations and maintenance of over nine million square feet of building space and over 1,000 acres of landscaping at UBC Vancouver’s Point Grey campus. She is a former elite-level swimmer.

One-on-one with Gordon Binsted

A UBC Vancouver alum, Dr. Gordon Binsted is in the field of human kinetics. He was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Health and Social Development at UBC Okanagan in 2011, and most recently took on an additional role as Associate Provost, Academic Health Initiatives.

One-on-one with Pamela Ratner

Dr. Pamela Ratner is Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President, Enrolment and Academic Facilities. Recently, she was also appointed on a pro tem basis as Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President, International — a new role focused on strengthening UBC’s international activities.

One-on-one with Michael White

Michael White joined UBC in 2014 as Associate Vice-President of Campus and Community Planning, and leads a team dedicated to creating a vibrant, live-work-learn community at the university’s campuses in Vancouver and the Okanagan.

One-on-one with Philip Barker

Raised in the Okanagan, Dr. Philip Barker joined UBC in 2015 to serve a dual role focused on research and innovation. As Associate Vice-President Research, Dr. Barker has responsibility for innovation across the UBC system, while as Vice-Principal Research, he is responsible for providing leadership and direction on all research matters on the Okanagan campus.

One-on-one with Emma Cunliffe

Dr. Emma Cunliffe came to UBC in 2002 to do a Master’s in Law. Her master’s turned into a PhD and eventually a faculty position at the Peter A. Allard School of Law. In January 2017, she started a two-year term in a completely new capacity — that of senior advisor to the President.

One-on-one with Hubert Lai

Hubert Lai, Q.C. was appointed as UBC’s University Counsel in 2001. At the time, he was the youngest person to have ever served in such a capacity at a major Canadian university.

One-on-one with Professor Santa Ono

Professor Santa Ono is UBC’s 15th President and Vice-Chancellor. Prior to joining UBC, Professor Ono served as the President of the University of Cincinnati (UC).

One-on-one with Jennifer Burns

Jennifer Burns is UBC’s Chief Information Officer and leads the strategic oversight of campus-wide Information Technology services that support over 70,000 users.

One-on-one with Lisa Castle

Lisa Castle is UBC’s first Vice-President, Human Resources. As the most senior HR position at the university and a member of UBC’s Executive Team, she is responsible for the departments of Human Resources at the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses.

One-on-one with Dermot Kelleher

Dr. Dermot Kelleher joined UBC in 2015 as Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. Prior to his appointment at UBC, Dr. Kelleher served as Vice-President, Health, and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Imperial College London.

One-on-one with Kate Ross

Kate Ross joined UBC as Associate Vice-President, Enrolment Services and Registrar in 2013. Dr. Ross has an extensive background in student services and has led major initiatives to enhance the student experience. She is an advocate for best practice in student issues and is passionate about supporting student aid and access to post-secondary education.

One-on-one with Blye Frank

Blye Frank is the dean of UBC’s Faculty of Education. Dr. Frank is a scholar and advocate for social justice and equity. He has an active research career and is a recognized expert in the field of gender studies.

One-on-one with Philip Steenkamp

Philip Steenkamp joined UBC as Vice President, External Relations in December 2015. Prior to joining UBC, he had a long career as a senior public servant and deputy minister in several BC and Ontario ministries.

One-on-one with Simon Peacock

Simon Peacock is the dean of UBC’s Faculty of Science. Originally from the US, his research focuses on understanding the thermal, petrologic, and seismological structure of subduction zones — places on Earth where tectonic plates collide, triggering great earthquakes and explosive volcanism.

One-on-one with Angela Redish

Angela Redish is Provost and Vice President Academic pro tem. She is a professor in UBC’s Vancouver School of Economics (having taught there for more than 30 years).

One-on-one with Barbara Miles

Barbara Miles is UBC’s Vice-President, Development and Alumni Engagement. Ms. Miles is responsible for leading one of the most innovative and integrated development and alumni engagement portfolios in North America.

One-on-one with Martha Piper

Dr. Piper, UBC's 11th President from 1997 to 2006, recently returned to the University as Interim President and reflects on leadership, what makes her laugh, and what inspires her.

One-on-one with Andrew Simpson

Andrew Simpson joined UBC’s Executive in June 2015 to lead the university’s Finance portfolio across the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses.

One-on-one with Gage Averill

Gage Averill is the dean of UBC’s largest Faculty. A career in ethnomusicology earned him a Grammy nomination – before he took the helm of the Faculty of Arts in 2010.

One-on-one with Sara-Jane Finlay

Dr. Sara-Jane Finlay joined UBC in March as the new Associate Vice-President, Equity and Inclusion.

One-on-One with Rickey Yada

Originally from Vancouver, Rickey spent the last 30 years of his career at the University of Guelph. Last year, he returned to his alma mater to take the helm of the Faculty of Land and Food Systems.

One-on-One with Susan Porter

A molecular biologist by trade, Susan Porter leads the charge in championing graduate education and postdoctoral studies at UBC. Find out what inspires her and what she thinks the future holds for higher education.

One-on-One with Deborah Buszard

A core member of UBC’s executive leadership team, Deborah Buszard provides overall leadership to UBC's Okanagan campus. Find out how she likes to recharge and what she thinks UBC's impact on the Okanagan has been.

One-On-One with Arvind Gupta

Get to know UBC's 13th President and Vice-Chancellor. Find out the best advice he was given, what makes him laugh, and what he hopes to be remembered for.

One-on-One with John Hepburn

John Hepburn, who first joined UBC in 2001 in the Faculty of Science, shares all from his favourite inventions to what advice he gives to students starting out.

One-on-One with Lisa Castle

Meet Lisa Castle, UBC’s first Vice President, Human Resources. Find out the best advice she was given, her favourite writers and why she loves living on the west coast.

One-on-One with Lindsay Gordon

Our 18th Chancellor, Lindsay Gordon is a double alumnus of UBC. Get to know what he admires and how he likes to unwind.

One-on-One with Louise Cowin

Dr. Louise Cowin, VP Students, shares her thoughts on everything from what makes UBC different, to what she values most in her colleagues.